Are you a star wars geek?

Many people like star wars but only a few are star wars geeks. A star wars geek knows all of those obscure facts that most dont even know where they could have appeared. Until you take this quiz all you could do is wonder.

Are you a star wars geek? Do you know all those facts? Or are you simply another star wars fan? After you have taken this quiz you will know the truth.

Created by: The Geek

  1. How many towers does the jedi temple on coruscant have?
  2. Whats a jedi ace?
  3. What's a jedi shadow?
  4. Where do wookiees live?
  5. What lightsaber crystals are used in the first lightsaber Luke Skywalker built?
  6. What lightsaber crystals did Mace Windu use in his famous purple lightsaber?
  7. Whats Greedos species?
  8. What is a jedis padawans rank in the republic army?
  9. What is the name of the other double bladed lightsaber wielding sith who was darth mauls species.
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