Are You a Rich Kid?

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Do you think you are rich, are you not sure or maybe you don't. Take this fun quiz find out the truth. I hope that you like this quiz and don't take the results of this to heart because it's just a silly quiz :)

I hope that you have a nice day and make sure that the people or animals that you love have a nice day by spreading happiness and positivity to everyone :)

Created by: Amazing_guineapigs2
  1. How many out of the following gaming consoles do you have? Nintendo switch, play station, x box, wii, wii u.
  2. How about a pool?
  3. How many laptops/computers in your house?
  4. What were your holidays like?
  5. How many countries have you been to?
  6. What school do you go to?
  7. Do you live by the beach?
  8. Do you have a balcony we+you can see the sea from it?
  9. Do you do organised no school sports eg: soccer, athletics, AFL, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, rugby, tennis, cricket or others.
  10. Did you have to do chore?
  11. How many house do you own/ rent?

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