how rich do you look now

hi this is a quiz hope you like it and let's see how you look maybe rich our not what is it find out with my quiz mine all mine ok um lets move on ok enjoy

you can look as good as you answer i'm your friend im here to help through pain heartbreak and jk im brooklyn here to help make life fun like a kid would wich i am smile

Created by: brooklyn
  1. On a cold winter day, what do you generally wear?
  2. Let's say that you're going shopping for only 2 things, a new pair of pants and a new top. Approximately how much do you spend on these two items when you go shopping?
  3. Do you ever wear clothing that was already used when you got it?
  4. Which of the following selections do describes your attitude towards worn out, ripped, or holes on clothes?
  5. Do you dress up for special events, such as weddings, birthday parties, etc....?
  6. Which of the following selections describes your attitude towards jewelry?
  7. o you generally dress more casual or classy?
  8. How do you feel about flip-flops?
  9. how do you feel about makeup
  10. How often do you wear heels?
  11. last question how was the quiz this will not affect your score

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Quiz topic: How rich do I look now