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What is a High class girl? She's rich She's gorgeous she carries herself well she knows what's in style she knows designers Well of course we all want to be those things, but unfortunately we all are not.

Do you see yourself as gorgeous, fabulous, high class, you know designers, style and everything?!?! Well you may THINK that but this quiz will tell the truth.

Created by: Carmen
  1. It's fall season! What will you normally wear to school?
  2. And your shoes?
  3. Now to top it off with jewelry
  4. What bag do you carry to school?
  5. What everyday makeup do you wear besides foundation/concealer?
  6. Your ultimate fave fragrance
  7. Where would you LOVE to live?
  8. What do you love to do?
  9. Best Sweet 16 present?
  10. What career do you plan on having out of these?
  11. Favorite place to hang out?
  12. Your idol out of these?
  13. How well groomed do you stay?
  14. What could you KILL for?
  15. You're relaxed in:
  16. Your everyday hair is:
  17. Type of shoes you prefer on a daily basis?
  18. There's a huge party at the hottest guy's house. what do you wear?

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