How Well do you know Ouran High School Host Club?

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ouran highschool host club. its a romantic school comady, staring a few incredibly rich and handsome young boys that go to ouran academy. theyre the full package. super rich, super hot, super confident, super smart... theyre one of the few most loved boys in the anime world!

but how well do you know them? who was the first one to tell the twins apart correctly? how many siblings does kyouya have? are honey and mori related!? take the quiz and see for yourself!

Created by: Electra

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  1. ok, lets get started. Altogether, How many host club members are there?
  2. Who got enganged to tamaki at the end of season 1?
  3. What is Haruhi's last name?
  4. how many siblings has kyouya got?
  5. what are his sibling's genders?
  6. what did Haruhi's mother die from?
  7. Who was the first ever person to tell the twins apart?
  8. What fruit is inprinted on the back of Kyouya's laptop?
  9. What was the room where the host club is now?
  10. What does Honey specialize in?
  11. Ok, lets move on to Round 2; True or False questions. True or false: Honey is the oldest
  12. True or False: Haruhi's dad crossdresses
  13. True or False: At the end of season 1 of the anime, Tamaki kisses Haruhi
  14. True or False: in the manga, tamaki kisses haruhi
  15. True or False: Haruhi's father hates tamaki
  16. True or False: Mori and Honey are blood reletives
  17. True or False: kyouya doesnt like sweets
  18. ok, a few more questions. in vocaloid verstion of ouran highschool host club, who plays mori?
  19. what is the name of the ouran opening theme?
  20. In the ouran high school host club drama, what word does haruhi use to discribe tamaki?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Ouran High School Host Club?