How rich are you

I did this just for fun. But the most important is your heart I really hope you guy enjoy it and take the time if you are bored. And that is it ❤❤❤

I did this and it waisted a lot of my time so it reslly doesn’t matter if you are rich or not. It just matters if you are happy with what you have and this is a very good thing.

Created by: Sophia
  1. Do you travel every month?
  2. Do you have more than 5 rooms, in your house?(bathroom, kitchen, living room counts)
  3. How many phones or tv do you have in your house
  4. In the mall if you need something you buy it?
  5. Do your parents work in a famous “place” or do your parents have a store?
  6. How many car do you have?
  7. Do every person in your house have your own bathroom?
  8. Do you have a babysitter or someone to do your home work
  9. Do you travel to places and buy everything you see?
  10. Do you have a pet
  11. Do you make party everyday?

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Quiz topic: How rich am I