Are You A Reincarnated Fairy?

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Doreen Virtue writes in her book Earth Angels about reincarnated beings that walk among us - Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Wise Ones and more. What an amazing concept!

Could you be a Reincarnated Elemental or Fae? Do you feel out of place from the people around you? Do you love fairies and feel like you might be one of them? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are taken form Virtue's book Earth Angels.

Created by: Dawn of The Fairy Door
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  1. True or false, these following statements sound like you: "I really don't like animals. Give me human interaction any day."
  2. "I have Celtic origins or I look Celtice (that is I have a reddish tint in my hair, freckles or a ruddy complexion."
  3. "I hate practical jokes."
  4. "I'm quite the mischief maker and seem to have a persistent twinkle in my eyes."
  5. "I'm fiercely independent and don't like following rules or authority."
  6. "My finances seem to be either feast or famine." (One month I have more money then I can spend and the next I'm completely broke)
  7. "I'm not a huge fan of being outside. Icky rain, scary storms, bugs, heat, cold...I'd rather be indoors on my computer."
  8. "I have some musical talent. I sing, play an instrument or even dance."
  9. "I tend to have an addictive personality. Alcohol, partying, drugs, even chocolate - there is something that I feel I NEED to get through my time here."
  10. "The assault on Mother Nature by pollution, destruction of forests, depletion of natural resources, etc. makes me very angry!" (This could be an understatement)

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