Are you a real warrior cats fan?

Ill die mommy! Okay guys this will be random wordss kk? Or are we doing 4 miles to be the cab for taking a break in ur pup to the deer out with your mom mum to the caves in ur daughter and a good rr

I am a chicken who loves to sing god wlooo hllooooooo ill die tonight bye bey dad and mooommmmmy sorry I lied about not eating cake on your bitlrthday

Created by: RubyHeart

  1. Who is Smudge?
  2. What apprentice leaped around eating and hitting snow?
  3. This one is hard. How many lives did one of the ThunderClan leaders (Sunstar) get?
  4. Is this true? Bluestar once was not trusting StarClan.
  5. Why did Crowpaw name himself Crowfeather?
  6. In Midnight and Moonrise who were chosen and who just came?
  7. True or false: Stormfur falls in the ThunderClan apprentice, Squirrelpaw.
  8. Talltail is a....
  9. Rusty is:
  10. Tiny is:
  11. Will u comment

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Quiz topic: Am I a real warrior cats fan?