Are you a real vampire?

There are many people who claims to be a vampire. There can be fakes or liars. Just to impress by there powers. Remember to be negative because vampires are mostly negative...Have you ever wonder if the maker of "Are you A vampire" a real vamp...

Are you asking, am i a real vampire. Yes, I was born in Romania that used to be transylvania. I have pale skin and I have fangs. Yes I was the fastest in my class and the strongest. If I'm a vampire, u can be a vampire too. Just becareful of who u bite...

Created by: Yeng
  1. Do you run away when your around Garlic and wooden stakes?
  2. Do u burn in sunlight?
  3. Whats ur favourite color?
  4. When ur around people, do u feel thirsty??
  5. Do u like the dark?
  6. Which Face?
  7. Do u like vampires??
  8. Oh no, A vampire bit your bestfriend. What do you do??
  9. Will you comment? ^3^
  10. Did u like the test??
  11. Sorry this test was horrible...
  12. what is ur favourite of the day?
  13. You woke at 8:00pm and you were hungry. You ate pizza and drank soda, but u were still hungry. Your friends were sleeping soundly. You went and took a walk...
  14. when u took a walk and as u were going home you heard a whoosh! Then you saw black imge with the whoosh. He said "hi, do you want to become my date for the vampire prom?"
  15. u got bitten. then u fainted
  16. Ur dreams came true...
  17. Ur dreams came true...

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Quiz topic: Am I a real vampire?