Are you a real Krew Fan?

Welcome, this quiz is just to see how much you know about Funneh. I will give you a hint, there is 22 questions. Funneh's youtube user is itsFunneh. She has 4 siblings.

These hints may be on the test, by the way, this is not a boring quiz, it is LIT quiz on the Krew!!! Funneh vids will help you if you fail. Just remember that this is NOT school!

Created by: Eclipse
  1. Which games does the Krew play?
  2. Where does the Krew live?
  3. Which Krew member is sassy?
  4. Does Funneh and Gold play Yandere High?
  5. What is Draco's username?
  6. Who is the "LEADER" of the Krew
  7. What is the Krew's Favorite Game in Roblox?
  8. What is Lunar's real name?
  9. Are the Krew plebs?
  10. Are they potatoes?
  11. Whose name is Kim in the Krew?
  12. Time for the bonus questions! How much Subs does Funneh have?
  13. What rhyme did the Krew invented?
  14. Who is the most savage?
  15. Who is never murder, beast, or chubs
  16. Who invented Toast Tiger
  17. Who is Toast Tiger
  18. What would happen to Draco if he didn't move back to Krew town
  19. Where did the idea of "If Draco doesn't come back?"
  20. Does Funneh have dogs?
  21. What is one of the dog's name?
  22. How much dogs do they have?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Krew Fan?