Are you a real Cole fangirl

You may think you love Cole but this is the only way to be sure. Reassure yourself of your love by taking this quiz. Are you truly in love or do you only think that?

Remember not to lie or your answer will be vvvveeeerrrryyyyy wwwwrrrroooonnnnggg! Be honest of your feelings for the earth ninja or die! Oh and there's a surprise in this quiz ;)

Created by: The platinum ninja
  1. How would you act towards Cole if he visited you
  2. What was your reaction when Jay tackled Cole for saying " that's the way the cookie crumbles"
  3. How did you react when you saw Cole shirtless at the beach
  4. What if I told you Cole was real
  5. Well he's reall * I'm serious*
  6. What if Cole had a girlfriend
  7. What if Kai asked you on a date
  8. What would you do if you found out Cole was gay
  9. You do realize Cole will never love you right?
  10. What if you where Zane and Cole kissed you

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Cole fangirl