Quiz on Cole McClain

There are some people that think they know Cole McClain and there are some people that really know Cole McClain. Which one do you think you are? Good luck on the quiz!

This quiz is to test your knowledge on Cole McClain and certain highlights in his life. If you have ever been around Cole you would know a good amount of these. Did you pay attention or were you thinking of doing laundry?

Created by: Cole McClain

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  1. Where was Cole born?
  2. What sports did Cole play in Highschool?
  3. How did Cole get hooked on Rock and Roll?
  4. What does Cole value most?
  5. Who was Cole's bestfriend in Middle School?
  6. Whats the one thing Cole asked for and never got?
  7. Where was Cole on his 18th Birthday?
  8. What was Cole's signature takedown in Wrestling?
  9. What did Cole want to be when he was little?
  10. Where is Cole's Dream vacation?
  11. Where did Cole go to Elementary School?
  12. When did Cole receive his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and teaching license
  13. How many jobs has Cole ever had?
  14. What record does Cole hold in Europe?
  15. When and Where did Cole get his driver's license?
  16. Where did Cole his tattoos at?
  17. What is Cole's favorite drink?
  18. What is Cole's Major?

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