How Well Do You Know Cole Sprouse?

Just a Quiz About Cole Sprouse!!! Its an Easy Basic Facts About Cole and If Your a Big fan then I think You would Know This Quiz like the back of Your Hand. Give it an Try!!

Could You Know Everything About Him!? Are You a Big Fan? Do You research about Him ? Do You listen to What He says On Television or in Interviews? Give it an try

Created by: Ellie of Suite-Sprouses
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  1. Whats Coles Middle Name?
  2. Whats Coles Biggest Fear??
  3. Whats Coles Dad Called?
  4. Whats Coles Favourite Animal?
  5. What Does Cole Hate Reading About?
  6. What Day Was Cole Born On?
  7. Does Cole Snore?
  8. Who Does Cole want to Copy?
  9. Whats Coles Favourite Colour?
  10. Whats Cole Stuffed Bunny Called?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Cole Sprouse?