Dylan and Cole Sprouse quiz

This is a quiz on my favorite actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse if you know alot about them then take this quiz and find out if you rank the highest but this quiz isn't all easy but maybe it will be for you it just depend how much you know them

do you know Dylan and Cole,the sprouse twins,sprouse bros or whatever you may call them but theres only one way to find out if you know them take my quiz:

Created by: Kelly North
  1. who is the oldest twin?
  2. what movie does Dylan and Cole not play in?
  3. what movie does Dylan and Cole play in?
  4. what month is Dylan and Cole's birthday?
  5. what show on Disney Channel do the twins play in?
  6. what kind of dog does Dylan and Cole have?
  7. what is Dylan's favorite subject?
  8. what is Cole's favorite subject?
  9. what is Dylan's favorite food?
  10. what is Cole's favorite food?

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