Are you a REAL bassist?

The String Bass is the largest and arguably the most important member of the symphony. From the top of the scroll to the tip of the end pin, it's a work of art. Then, there is the electic bass. This awesome beauty isn't nearly as big, but it packs a powerful punch in music today.

Many claim to be excellent bassists, but few are true-to-life REAL bassists. Do you think you can qualify for the role? Are you really a string master? In minutes, you may just get your answer!

Created by: Waldo Wu

  1. What is your opinion of Rock music?
  2. Does a cello appear big to you?
  3. What is a harmonic?
  4. Are you an orchestra geek?
  5. When I say Jazz, what do you think of?
  6. How long do you practice any string (piano, bass, viola etc.) instrument every week?
  7. What is a violin?
  8. Do you consider yourself a musician?
  9. In a group, where do you stand?
  10. What brand of rosin do you use?
  11. What kind of bow do you use?
  12. Do you teach Jazz or Orchestra?
  13. Do you own an amplifier?

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Quiz topic: Am I a REAL bassist?