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A rankin/bass memorizer is a very rare being, one who can memorize quotes from famous Rankin/Bass specials and say them when it is appropriate. Please read on.

Are YOU a good Rankin/Bass memorizer? Have YOU watched enough R+B to memorize quotes? Take this quiz to find out! Come on,now! You know I want you to.

Created by: Natasha bird

  1. "His beak blinks like a blink'n beak'n!"
  2. "Let me go! Do you hear me? Let me go!"
  3. "Think nasty....think nasty......."
  4. "It's so difficult to really change."
  5. "Great Chattering Chickchicks!"
  6. "Oh Musty, pray come look at all these lovely creatures in the moat. I adore them all."
  7. "Sorry to drip and run, but this weather is bad for my health. Bye!"
  8. "Why, it's true! That nose of yours is as red as my hair used to be! They used to call me the ol'redhead."
  9. " Well, it was either Town or Towntown, I can't really remember."
  10. "Your ears can do a wondorous thing, no other ears can do. The sounds they hear will guide you, on a path that's straight and true, and you will save another, as your mother once saved you."
  11. "Im twyin! Im twyin weel hward!"
  12. "Oh, if only we had a team of horses instead of a dog and a duck."
  13. "Omg I'm engaged to a douglas fir!"

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