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  • First off, I may be a geek and am completely proud of that. But, I am in no way a dictionary. You just insulted me. And on the question about who I look up to? Ever heard of putting an author's name on that list? You are being quite rude and I won't tolerate it. Alright? And know-it-all? Seriously? I may enjoy those kinds of things but it's quite offensive the way you said it.

    My friend and I were talking about physology and first impressions ad I asked him what his first impression of me was.

    Know what the answer was?
    "I thought you were a bit of a nerd."

    He thought that would be offensive and I'd get upset, which is usually just a ridiculis amount of rage for me.

    You really should think better of how you judge people. Don't even think about commenting on my user name.

    And I will be getting revenge.

  • this quiz stinks! Being a prep is such a prototype what an idiot! I'm not boy crazy, I'm not girly, and I'm not obsessed with what people think of me, I am a tom boy semi popular girl who likes boys but isn't obsessed and loves cloths, I hunt I ride horses I ski and I'm pretty populular, what a douche....:(

  • Awww but being normal is boring

  • Jeez. Someone's cranky.Btw, I got geek. ;)

  • I got emo. Yay. Can't you just kill me instead of telling me I'm depressed?

  • this quiz was stupid. Just becuz im a geek doesnt mean anything. BTW my friends think im more emo than a geek. :P

  • I got geek.
    1. I HATE math.
    2. I have friends/BFFs.
    3. I have a life.
    4. At least I'm not stereotypicial.

  • Aaaaaw. I'm averaage.

  • emo :P yayy

    heya babe

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