Are You A Pokemon Master

There are pokemon experts and pokemon masters. Well this is the quiz to see if you are a expert or master.I hope you will enjoy my quiz.:) :) :) :) :)

So are you able to step up to the majors?Well lets find out!I really don't like doing this.Please have a nice day.Enjoy this quiz.This is for pokemon experts only.

Created by: Flare820

  1. Who chose squrtle as a starter?
  2. Who is afraid of ice type pokemon?
  3. What is the newest games?
  4. Which one of these are Fire-Flying types?
  5. Where is Ash now?
  6. Are you a girl or boy?
  7. How tall are u?
  8. What gender is Dawn?
  9. What type is Pikachu?
  10. What type is Pidgey?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Pokemon Master