The Pokemon Wise choice

There's alot of quiz masters but I think this will stammin' up your brain to keep it working.What is a master?A master is someone who is super good at something.

Are YOU a master?Do you have some more brainpower to keep going?Maybe you have some brainpower left to finish this kinda easy quiz.It's not that hard have a try!

Created by: cuteychick90

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  1. Did you ever thought catching all the legends in a day?
  2. Will you like pokemon forever?
  3. How will you make your pokemon group famous?
  4. Will you ever forget pokemon
  5. Will you forget about some of the pokemon
  6. How can you make yourself famous at pokemon?
  7. Did you know that people say that pokemon is always for boys?
  8. Is pokemon for babies?
  9. Do you know how much legends there are?
  10. Do you know how to beat the final gym leader?

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