How well have you studied Unown?

What is an Unown Master? A person who studies well on Unown. What is an Unown? Oh, don't ask me...its a pokemon. There is many people smart with Unown, but very little Unown Masters on earth.

Are you an Unown Master? Do you master Unown? Do you collect all Unown? All your questions about Unown are here! Until now you can only know about Unown. Now, you can find out if you are an Unown Master!

Created by: Nathan

  1. What does Unown C look like?
  2. What Unown has a line and an eyeball on the bottom?
  3. Do all Unown have eyeballs?
  4. Would you rather...
  5. If you saw a giant box fall on an Unown you were studying a test with, what would you do?
  6. What would A + A be if there were letters in math?
  7. What Unown are special, rare, and in a trio together?
  8. Which Unown is easiest to get?
  9. Which Unown is shaped like toast?
  10. Heeeeeyah!

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