Pokemon in Unova

There are many Pokemon Master's to do this quiz. Are you going to be one of them? Pass this quiz and you will. This is the quiz about the pokemon in unova. Try it.

Are you a Pokemon Master? Can you pass this quiz? If you do congratulations. So try your best and try not to loose on this quiz. Good luck on this quiz.

Created by: Benjamin Richard

  1. Which pokemon is the "God of Ice"
  2. What types does the Elite Four use?
  3. What pokemon do you get after beating the Elite Four on Marvolous Bridge for $500?
  4. What is the Professor's name that you meet in the begining of the game?
  5. How many new pokemon are there in Unova?
  6. What is the last Gym Leaders name in pokemon black?
  7. What is the bad guys team named?
  8. What is the Champion's name in pokemon white?
  9. What types is the First Gym?
  10. Is Zorua a legendary pokemon?

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