The unlimate pokemon quiz on DS

Well you Have come to see if you are a Dialga master or a budew loser but if you do get budew try once again you'll do it! Go on try It I know you want to!

Are you good enough are you the top Pokemon breeder? Well with my quiz you will find out in 0-476seconds Thats just an estimate any way I hope you will get 100%


  1. What is the highest level you can get a pokemon to
  2. What dragged Dialga and Palkia to the spear pillar
  3. Roserade is the fully evolved form of ...........
  4. How many team galactic Commanders are there
  5. The evolved form Poliswine is a
  6. How many pokemon are there in the sinnoh pokedex
  7. Which of these sounds most like a Lucario
  8. A bronzong is Level 45 my friend's Garchomp is 13 Levels ahead What is the level of Garchomp?
  9. Which ball is best to use in the ocean?
  10. A wooper evolves in to

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