Are You A Nuisance?

There are many nice and awesome people, while there are some other that are kinda annoying. most people tend to be in the mid. Someone who is not a nuisance can accomplish slightly better then the ones are troublesome, develop better teamwork with others, and strive.

Are YOU ANNOYING? Do you have a gift of annoyance and have irritational powers? well take this darn quiz and find out if you have that special "gift". Hope you do well and hopefully get the two answer you should get. Find out n0w.

Created by: BanditRaider

  1. Your alarm goes off and what'd you do after that?
  2. Someone accidentally sneezes on you. What do you or say to that person?
  3. Your video game disc is broken. How do you react?
  4. Do you like to join in or see arguments?
  5. Do you tend to say "Yes!" when you get an answer right?
  6. Do you get mad when you lose?
  7. Do you make fun of people question's when it's weird and funny and also slightly stupid?
  8. Do you talk about people "behind their backs?"
  9. Do you taunt or brag or say things but you can't prove it and u lie?
  10. Do you get in trouble alot?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Nuisance?