Are You a Model CItizen?

Few people get to be Honorary Model HK Citizens. It takes hard work and dedication. One must obey the rules, learn to laugh, and always take notes. An honorary citizen: reads every thread, never skips posts, and rolls with the punches.

Do you have your notepad ready? I'm sure this stuff will come back to haunt me in lunacy land. Who will be the first to bring it up? I heard there's going to be a pop quiz next week. Good luck with that!

Created by: Mandy
  1. Where was I born?
  2. What was my original username?
  3. How many years are there between my husband and myself?
  4. I have never met this Hearth Keeper IRL:
  5. This is not a name of one of my kids:
  6. I was in the military:
  7. Household chore I like the least:
  8. How old am I?
  9. My favorite vacation spot:
  10. I am a snob of:

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Quiz topic: Am I a Model CItizen?