Are You a JennxFann?

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Who is JennxPenn? Go check out her youtube channel at jennxpenn same as her instagram! If you want more jennxpenn go check out my instagram @common.Jennn! She is a loving, funny person and I love her so much!

Do you think you know JennxPenn well take this quiz to see if you are a true JennxFann if you are Great! If you arn't go do some research and try again!

Created by: @common.jennn
  1. What is Jenns instagram?
  2. What other youtube accounts does Jenn have?
  3. What is her dream vacation?
  4. What are her 2 favorite candies?
  5. What year was Jenn born?
  6. What instrument did Jenn used to play?
  7. What school is Jenn in?
  8. What is Jenns favorite animal?
  9. What are Jenns favorite colors?
  10. When did Jenn get her first phone and what kind?

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Quiz topic: Am I a JennxFann?