Are you a true Jennxpenn fan?

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Jennxpenn is a Youtube User that is currently at 900,000+ Subscribers! She is very funny and you should totally check her out on Youtube! She is also on Twitter, Vine, Instagram...And more!

Now, to know if your a Real #JENNXFANN, Take this quiz that has bunch of questions about jenn and maybe you will get 100%! Notice: there is pretty random questions;)

Created by: emma
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  1. What is Jenn's full name?
  2. What food does she hate?
  3. What is Jenn's favorite Animal?
  4. Does Jenn like Nutella?
  5. When was Jenn Born??
  6. Wich Instrument Jenn used to play?
  7. Jenn used to collect....
  8. Jenn's Dream Destination Is...
  9. Wich other Youtube accounts she has?
  10. Has jenn ever been in a magazine..?
  11. In what year did her account got hacked?
  12. What is her Instagram Username?
  13. Wich is her favourite from O2L?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Jennxpenn fan?