Which of my OCs are you most like?

These are MY OCs, so please do not claim ownership of them. This quiz is also for fun so please don't complain to me if the person doesn't sound like you.

Hello my lil' firebirds! Oops, that's what I'll call my subscribers on Youtube, sorry. Though I doubt I'll get viewers besides my parents and my BFFs... Anyway, my OCs are the four elements, and because ice is technically frozen water I just let the water element have ice powers as well.

Created by: Elementals'Quizzes

  1. If you heard a strange call every so often, what do you think you would do about it?
  2. If you had powers, what sort of powers do you think you'd have?
  3. What animal, out of these, would be your spirit animal such as personality and actions?
  4. Which of these careers suits you best?
  5. Which Undertale character out of these is your favorite?
  6. Going back to the first question, what do you think you would hear?
  7. Which of these names do you like the most?
  8. What would be your Undertale soul type?
  9. Can you swim(it doesn't matter if good or not)
  10. Which Youtube genre is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: Which of my OCs am I most like?