are you a human?

This quiz will help you understand your race and your liberty. Through answering these questions, you will develop a greater personal insight. but if you are a human or claim to be take the quiz and find out there are millons of mysteries

What makes you a good person? are you a good person? Are you even human? take this quiz and find out. if you are then your lucky if not no girl freind or marrige for you ha but if you are sad with the results just try again or jump off a cliff

Created by: riley taylor

  1. Which of these weapons are you afraid of?
  2. do you like nature?
  3. are you crazy
  4. are you inlove
  5. do you fear deth
  6. are you dumb
  7. do you eat meat
  8. do you spy
  9. if you had a choice of killing this people who would it be
  10. whats your favourite food

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Quiz topic: Am I a human?