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Reading human nature is a difficult and fascinating subject. for the detective it is the essential art form of non verbal communication which can easily help to break a case.

would you be good at reading human nature? do you have what it takes to put two and two together without someone writing it out for you in plain sight? can you read behind the lines? take this quiz and find out!

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  1. you encounter a person who says they dont like to go out often becuase of the weather even though it is nice outside you know that they:
  2. a man constantly tries to avoid you whenever you try to approach him. you know that he:
  3. your friend lies and says something you didnt say even though they have no clear reason for doing this. you land in trouble with the law and you realize that:
  4. a person flatters you every day no matter how badly you may treat them or try to get rid of them you know that they.
  5. every time you question this suspect his eyes turn to the left this tells you that he is:
  6. you question another suspect his eyes turn to the right during your inquiry you know that he is:
  7. a person stares at you no matter what you do or where you may go. you stare back at them and they leave angrily you know the person was:
  8. why do people respond much more quickly to negative body language? than positive body language?
  9. you question a person who has his arms folded his fists bawled and his head cocked to the side this person is:
  10. you discover that serial killers often become serial killers becuase of:
  11. if someone is killed with a blunt instrument or a knife and stabbed and hit over and over again rather shot with a gun you can pretty much know that:
  12. the same car circles around the block several times in one day the people inside the car speed up and down the street you know that they:
  13. women are better at reading body language than men why is that?
  14. all people share the same body language in all cultures and socities?

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