Find the bad guy

Do you want to be a detective even though you were kicked out of detective college? Well, take this Virtual Detective. Test how much detective YOU are!!!

Do you want to be a detective, well to get to detective school, it takes money, but you can use this quiz to practice, for FREE!!!!! Just solve all the virtual crimes and continue.

Created by: not telling
  1. The bad guy went to a party at a round house and someone murdred the host, the maid said she was sitting in the corner, the cook said he was preparing dinner, and the butler was setting the table, Who was the bad guy and murdered the host?
  2. There was a mansion with a safe with billions of gold coins and they were stolen (there was a hole in the ceiling). The scientist was on the roof testing his machine, the cook was sharpining knives, and the maid was polishing silver. Who was the bad guy and who stole it?
  3. The bad guy was found and sent to jail, he was told he was going to be hung the next day but someone that had a job at the jail worked for the bad guy. The next day he was gone. The hanger said he was looking for soome rope in the closet, the guard said he was trading paperclips with the other guard, and the policeman was sleeping. Who helped the bad guy escape?
  4. So the bad guy escaped to florida. Only 2 places he could have hidden. The owner of WaterFall Cave waterpark said that there were no caves there, and the owner of Scare your Pants scary walkthrough said all the people in costumes would have seen him. Where is he hiding?
  5. An oxegen warehouse blew up, and someone found an 50 caliber bullet was found in a gas tank. They cheaked two gun stores in town. One had just pistols and the other had rifles. Who did it? (Clue:They found explosive dust there)
  6. The police were walking around and they found a dead guy with two tiny holes in him. They decided to question the people in the area.The CEO said he was putting away his sledge hammer, a business man said he was taking his snake for a walk, and a hobo was playing with a pencal.Who murderd him?
  7. On a cruise the captain was found dead in the water with a huge gash in him.The co-captain said he was geting a mug of coffe, The cook said he was taking out the trash, and the Room keeper said he was throwing bits of meat out to the sharks. Who did it?
  8. Kuper's new Spy vs Spy comic was stolen!!!(He left it on the desk but his door was locked) Kuper said he found a screw and a hole in the wall. How did the bad guy get the comic?(Clue: his room is on the first floor)
  9. A plane was flying over NYC on the the first. The piolt and half the crew died in a ball of fire. the co-piolt said he was off duty. A scientest said he was playing with Benzine and a passenger said he was naping with a cigar. Who blew up the plane?
  10. You've seen his crimes but who or what is it, a year before all those crimes someone claimed he saw a UFO, a few monthe before that someone broke out of jail.Who or what is it?

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