Are you a hardcore Belieber?

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Justin Bieber! all the beliebers come try to get questions right! dont cheat thats not the spirit and have fun if you choose to take the quiz. :D

ARE YOU A HARDCORE BELIEBER? yes no? take a try :Dmaybe you are and dont know it? some questions easy and not so much try your best like tests right??

Created by: Christy
  1. What is Justin's middle name?
  2. What is Jb's favorite TV show?
  3. What are his 2 favorite colors?
  4. what is his favorite food?
  5. What type of computer does he prefer?
  6. What is his favorite number?
  7. What is his favorite drink?
  8. Lefty or righty?
  9. Which of the following can he Not play?
  10. What is his favorite pie?
  11. what is his favorite ice cream flavor?
  12. When did his first CD come out?
  13. What did Justin want to be before a singer?
  14. What is his favorite shoe brand?
  15. What is his super power wish?
  16. Where is his favorite Vaca spot?
  17. Which 1 of these is not true?
  18. How many kids does Justin want to have?
  19. true or false? Justin says "Never" 69 times in the song 'Never Say Never'.
  20. Justin says "Smile" 37 times in the song 'U Smile'.

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Quiz topic: Am I a hardcore Belieber?