Am I a Belieber?

Justin Bieber has always been an inspiration to me. From a small town boy to a big town guy, Justin is all around awesome! I'm deffinetly a true Belieber.

Now here's the real question. Are you? Take this quick and easy quiz to determine you results! There are only three out come answers so pick the answer that best describes your opinion for the best results. HAVE FUN!

Created by: Maddy Q

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your given free tickets to a bier concert in your town!!!You:
  2. Your walking down the street when you see jb with no security, just chillin' You:
  3. When justins book came out you:
  4. Do you think you like jb?
  5. When you heard jb got a water bottle thrown at his head, you:
  6. Jb is a:
  7. Do you dream of marrying jb?
  8. Think of one person you like besides jb
  9. Who's hotter:
  10. Did you buy jbs new cd " my worlds acoustic"

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