Are you a grump?

Are you one of the Victor Meldrews or Moaning Mauds of this world? Do you hiss like a cobra who's just had it's tail stood on when you don't like something? Or are you one of those relaxed people who just goes with the flow? Try it and see! :->

Come on, click the options in this quiz which most apply to you! You know you want to, you want to see if you can moan with the best of em' or not. You may be very surprised!!! :->

Created by: Lulu
  1. Hey there! Do you like to hear the sound of a voice talking/radio show when you wake up in the morning?
  2. OK so you're out of bed. You go to shower and find a mass of hair down the plughole. Do you:
  3. So you've awoken and you've showered. You now go into the kitchen and you drop everything you pick up. Do you:
  4. So now you're in your car. On your way to work some fool rams the back of your car in at the lights. Do you:
  5. You get to your workplace and find out your boss is planning to fire you. You:
  6. For your lunch you go to a restaurant. Everyone else got what they ordered on the menu but you didn't. What do you do?
  7. You get home and decide to go to the gym/fitness class. However one woman is snide about your appearance. You:
  8. On the way back, your car cd player packs up. Your best Bon Jovi CD is ruined as you hear the player consuming it! What do you do:
  9. Reflecting on your day, do you consider it to be:
  10. After reflection you head to bed. But before you know it, somebody has let their dog loose nearby and is calling the yapping mutt back loudly. You:
  11. Do you consider yourself to be grumpy anyway?
  12. PARTIES & CELEBRATIONS At a party or celebration, do you:
  13. At the bank, the ATM's aren't working for you, but for everybody before you, they've worked! Do you:
  14. Your night out would consist of:
  15. Your view of children is:
  16. You're view of teenagers are:
  17. Your view of the middle age (20-70) is:
  18. Your view of the elderly is (71+)?

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Quiz topic: Am I a grump?