How Much Do You Know About Bon Jovi?

1983. Ronald Reagan was president, some guys were growing their hair longer than these days. It was 4 times as roaring as the 20’s. That was the year Bon Jovi changed music. Perhaps more so than the Beatles.

You might hear songs like “Runaway”, “I’l Be There For You”. “Livin’ On a Prayer”, and/or “Wanted Dead or Alive” on the radio or Spotify, but how much do you know about this band? Wanna know?

Created by: BonJovi17

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  1. What is Jon Bon Jovi’s Real Name?
  2. What Is The Second Most Recent Album By Bon Jovi? (Deluxe Editions Aren’t Included)
  3. Which of These Is a Song From Said Album?
  4. Which of These Was Their First Hit?
  5. Who is Franky, from “It’s My Life”
  6. What is the last album with Richie Sambora as guitarist?
  7. When Did Bon Jovi Become a band?
  8. Finish this sentence EXACTLY how it goes. “This Romeo is bleeding...”
  9. Which of These IS an album by Bon Jovi?
  10. Which of these was used in “Young Guns II”?
  11. What is the Christmas Song that the band did called
  12. How Many Faces Has Jon Seen/Rocked
  13. What is the shortest Bon Jovi song?
  14. And the longest?
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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Bon Jovi?