Are YOU A Good Girl?

There are many kind people in this world, but i want to be sure, you want to be sure that you are a kind person.. who knows? take the test and know who you are as quick as possible!

Are YOU a good girl? are YOU a bad girl? do YOU want to know how friendly or how mean you are. Well take the test and you can easily know if you are either!

Created by: chloedawn

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  1. If you go to school or you did go to school, how did you behave? be truthful!!
  2. Did you ever get a detention before?
  3. When did you start being naughty in school?
  4. How often did you get told off?
  5. Did you bully anyone? be truthful!!
  6. Do you like bossy people?
  7. do you like independent people?
  8. do you love yourself?
  9. are you one of them people who are nasty at school but feel ashamed at home, and want to undo the faults you did at school?
  10. Can you hug people?
  11. Are you bossy or are you kind?
  12. beautiful or ugly?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Girl?