Are you a freak of nature?

Many consider themselves freaks, and many others are encouraged by others in those thoughts. Are you a freak or on of those who are encouraged to be that way. Do you fit in? Are you odd, wierd, or different?

Are you a freak, or are you merely making others feel that way? Do you intentionally make yourself differnet or are you truly unique? Is this going to help you or not? Its up to you.

Created by: Shoddy Shoe
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  1. Do you often find yourself wondering how on earth you were born into your family?
  2. Do you often find yourself wearing odd clothing or something that many others would consider odd?
  3. Do you speak differently than other people?
  4. Do your friends even think that you are "odd" or "wierd"?
  5. Do people have an innate fear of you because of the way that you either act, speak, or appear?
  6. Have you ever been labeled as something that is undesirable?
  7. Have you ever been rejected by the people of a church or other religious gathering?
  8. Would you actually describe yourself as a freak of nature?
  9. Do others consider you as a freak of nature?
  10. Do you care if others call you a freak of nature?

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Quiz topic: Am I a freak of nature?