Are You A Flirt??

lots of people flirt some of the time, but are they true flirts? What is a flirt? A flirt is someone who likes to be around Boys/girls and often finds themselves flirting.

Many people are flirtacios but are you?? what do you think?? Well are you gonna answer me or not?! nevermind!! just take this quiz and find out! NOW!!

Created by: Fedna Pigskin

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what was your first kiss like?
  2. Have you ever asked a girl or a guy out??
  3. On a friday night you are most likely to be at....
  4. if someone came over to your house to make you feel better who would it be?
  5. your most likely to be seen with...
  6. your Bf/Gf is #__ on the hottie scale.
  7. you get about __ hours of sleep a night.
  8. You wear what to bed??
  9. DO you like to show off??
  10. your Bf/Gf has ________ hair.

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Quiz topic: Am I A Flirt??