Are You a Good Flirt?

There are millions of people, but very few are true flirts. A flirt is, after all, quite sensational. What is a flirt? A flirt is some one who grabs your attention in a second, is able to make you think about them 24/7, and talks you smoothly into doing whatever they please.

Are you a true flirt? Do you have the smoothness and slickness to catch someones attention? Wondering to hard? Well don't because now you can see you results 100% true in this quiz!

Created by: arlyn alvarez
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  1. Do you easily catch some ones attention?
  2. A cute guy/girl bumps into you so you...
  3. Your late for a date your pick up line is...
  4. Your at a party and the guy/girl you like is there, you...
  5. What would you give to some one you like?
  6. There's a new student in class and the teacher sits her/him behind you so you...
  7. Where is the best place to flirt?
  8. What is your style?
  9. There's two hott guys/girls that want you to go with them to a dance which one do you choose?
  10. How good of a flirt do you think you are?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: am I a Good Flirt?