What type of flirt are you?

This quiz tells you what type of flirt you are. Just answer honestly and you;ll do fine. Remember nothing counts against you except one question the rest are for you. So just answer honestly. I did pretty good im sure you will too.

Are you ready for this quiz? It tells you what type of flirt you are. Either social, wild, or physical. So just promise to do the best you can. It all counts in the end. I had a pretty good score. Betcha can't beat me!

Created by: Rebecca of www.myspace.com
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  1. If you go somewhere with friends 3 boys [[counting you]] and 3 girls. What would you most likely do the whole time.
  2. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend are hanging out at big t's, movies, ext. What are you most likely to do?
  3. You are single and at a place full of chicks/dudes... what are you most likely to do
  4. How big of a flir are you?
  5. What is your status?
  6. 5 more......
  7. 4 more.....
  8. 3 more.....
  9. 2 more....
  10. last one....
  11. haha gotcha!!! which one are you?

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Quiz topic: What type of flirt am I?