Are u a flirt or just overly friendly

Yeah, this quiz is for everyone who thinks that he or she is a big flirt. I mean u heard the new song by R.kelly imma flirt. basically this quiz is about whos a flirt and who just plain friendly.

Are you a flirt? this qiuz is a simple quiz for you to answer. It will determine if you are a flirt or not. If you are a flirt your score is going to be high but if you are not it will be a low and you are just being friendly pal

Created by: jasmine

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  1. When your friend introduce you to someone new you immediatly start talking to them
  2. After you and this person talk you immediatly start to ask him/her about their personal life and relationships
  3. while talking you continue to smile real hard and you manage to wink a little
  4. now that you have talk to this person you start to feel a little more comfortable so you put your arm around him/her
  5. finally before he/she goes you whisper in their ear to call you later and you either give them a real hugg(meaning not just a friend hugg a body to body) or you give a kiss
  6. when you get home you immediatly call them
  7. while on the phone you mention the topic sex
  8. while on the topic you manage to ask him/her the question "if i saw you again would you let me...?"
  9. then they ask you are you a freak and say if so i like freaks, you reply with yes and start to talk even more freakier
  10. next thing you know yall wind up havin phone sex
  11. Last but not not least when you go to the movies the next day and your friend introduce you to someone else new you begin your flirtatous process all over lol

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