Are you a big flirt

Do you flirt alot????? If you do take this quiz to see if you are a big flirt!!! I know I am!!! I flirt all the time with guys!!! Flirting is fun but can get you in alot of trouble so take this quiz to see how big of a flirt are you!!

Are you a big flirt or are you not???? I know I am but to much flirting can get you in trouble!!!!! I love to flirt and I am a big flirt too you should see if you are!!!!!

Created by: Mariah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When u see a hot guy/girl do u
  2. A hot girl/guy drops his/her stuff and falls u
  3. A girl/guy is all over the popular hot guy/girl and u
  4. A new girl/guy came to your school/work and he/she is really hot but is taken u
  5. Have u tooken any guys/girls from your friends
  6. Do people call u a big flirt
  7. Have you ever kissed a guy/girl of someone elses
  8. Has anybody told u that u are hot and u were all over him/her
  9. Do u think u are attractive
  10. Do u get horney around hot guys/girls

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Quiz topic: Am I a big flirt