are you a flirt?

Are you a flirt!?!? Do ya want to kno!?!?I hope you get a good score!! just not to good. Ya kno! Because people who are to flirty are really annoying!

Back to flirty people. Flirty is when you giggle and act silly around the other gender. It's ok to flirt just not to much. So see if YOUR a flirt! Go ahead.....

Created by: cocomusiclover

  1. you see a really hot guy, what do u do?
  2. you must be the girl the guys in your class talk to the most.
  3. have people called you a slut? (be honest)
  4. what do u do when you flirt?
  5. have you ever gone out with someone just to go out?
  6. does the boy you like like you back because you flirted with him alot?
  7. who do like? i wont tell!
  8. you flirt with whoever you think is mildly cute
  9. you think guys are gross
  10. have you ever made out with someone you've never met?
  11. last question: do you think its a good thing or a bad thing to be a flirt?
  12. this isn't technically a question but did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a flirt?