Could I have a crush on you?

There are alot of fish in the sea.. some cuter then others, but some just have that little thing that turns me on... This is a quiz for the people I know because of course I have know you to like you...

So, Do you think I like you? Do you think you have what it takes to be my man? Are your flirt skills that great? Well I guess after you take this quiz you'll find out.

Created by: Kimberly of
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  1. Do you notice me looking at you constently?
  2. Have you noticed any eye contact that I've made with you when I was talking to you?
  3. Have you every seen me look at you and then turn around and laugh with my friends?
  4. Do my friend point at you when im around?
  5. Do I smile at you alot and just walk on by?
  6. Do I often say that im single (and loving it) around you?
  7. Do I bit my lip when we talk?
  8. Do I flirt with you alot?
  9. Do your friends say... Kimberly says hi...
  10. When I walk by you do I stop to say hi or do i just walk on by...

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