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  • This hurt me so bad I actually started crying
    It was so hurtful

    Juliana6137 Nov 26 '18, 9:08PM
  • As someone who doesn't take this quiz seriously, I'm laughing so hard!

    Cobalt Dec 8 '16, 8:47PM
  • This quiz is very abusive, You just make people feel worse about themselves. These are serious issues you damage people with your rude comments.

    I am a great believer in Karma, Wait and see. LOL

    Desi65 Apr 10 '16, 2:42PM
  • This quiz is very abusive, You just make people feel worse about themselves. These are serious issues you damage people with your rude comments.

    I am a great believer in Karma, Wait and see. LOL

    Desi65 Apr 10 '16, 2:41PM
  • This Quiz is totally out of order , Its an insult is anyone who does not eat and has health problems, Huge bloated stomach, I am worried I might have cancer. I think It should be deleted.I do not have any energy thats why I am on computer, Low vit D. Pains in all joints and muscles. Shame, your Quiz is very narrow minded beyond belief.

    Desi65 Apr 10 '16, 1:59PM
  • Uh..ok so my brother called me anorexic but im not and i make it look like i dont care, but it actually hurts. So i googled: Why do people call others anorexic and this quiz came up, so i decided to take it! And when i got my results... I saw anorexic. And i saw what it said and i started crying and crying. Then i realized that i was being dumb and stupid and i shouldnt cry or feel bad about myself. So yea, i feel good and healthy! :)

    Annoymous Mar 21 '15, 1:46AM
  • I am considered obese. But I started starving myself a while ago and I can't stop. I lose about 6 pounds a week.thank you for confirming that I am way to fat and lazy to have a real eating disorder. I hope you gain ungodly amounts of weight and die alone.

    no_regrets Nov 14 '14, 2:10PM
  • You are anorexic

    You are all skin and bones. You are anorexic and people want to stay away from you because you are squirmy and skinny. You don't eat a lot but you work out too much. Your parents hardly hug you and avoid looking at you at all costs and you are ashamed of you're appearence but you still refuse to eat more food. You are a disgrace If I were you, I would eat up.

    Maybe if you could stfu and get a life I wouldn't be anorexic. You tell "fat" people to die in a hole. If anything you should die in a hole. Anorexia is from your mind, too retard. This quiz is probably going to make a few people anorexic geez.

    12thAngel Aug 4 '14, 3:25AM
  • Well, apparently, I'm a fat slob. But let me say, anorexia is part of your mind. You can be overweight and anorexic. It's how you think. Just because I don't have huge muscles doesn't mean I'm fat. This is the reason girls AND BOYS develop eating disorders. And excuse me, but I know lots of people who are overweight and extremely nice, and underweight and extremely nice. If you are ripped, then good for you. It's not like you are Jesus. Those muscles have disadvantages, too. Please stop acting like you know everything. Bye.

    MyChemicalSirens Dec 29 '13, 12:44PM
  • i got netrual

    united states Oct 3 '13, 5:53PM
  • Jeez! Just because I have trouble with my weight doesn't make me a fat slob! I'm trying and I don't eat fatty crap all day! Get a life you jerk.

    aturn Jul 10 '13, 6:39PM
  • wow the description for an anorexic is really harsh...

    That1Dfulband Mar 3 '13, 12:42AM
  • I agree with equestrian. I got anorexic and why would the way you look effect how much your parents like you? That is not right. And if people like me who took this are really anorexic and read their result, it would probably make them more self conscious about their bodys. So thanks...

    raybear13 Aug 5 '12, 1:00AM
  • Your Result: You are Ripped

    You are a compliment to the human race. You are capable of a triathlon. You have huge biceps and a six-pack of abs. You're record for a mile run is or could be 4 minutes or better at full sprint. You are a role model to many.

    Okay I'm a little on the chubby side but me taking this quiz, I feel a six pack coming on and some sprinting!!LOOL!

    x_rosebud_x May 1 '12, 2:24PM
  • ha ha ha i am flubby, when i was like ten i was really upset about it but now i don't care that much i'm like huge and the other day i weighed myself, and... 175lbs @ five foot! i can't see my toes... fat rolls!

    biggiegurl Jan 27 '12, 11:38PM
  • I knew I was fat. I knew no one liked me. I knew that I was just pathetic. 88lbs and then I'll be perfect.

    cyanhamster Oct 31 '11, 4:40PM
  • Your Result: You are a Fatty
    You are a fat slob who sits on the couch all day and eats fatty foods. You are what you eat. Nobody likes you but you try to fit in. You're a jerk so get off you're computer now and go fall down a well.
    hahahaha so true its sad.

    doglover374 Jul 16 '11, 3:50AM
  • Ummm i am anorexic and its really hurtful that people are ashamed of me apparently...its not funny at all and i feel really asamed of myself so i dont really wanna hear that others do as well...

    equestrian May 5 '11, 6:46PM
  • Well, I am anorexic who is fat. So, I am not all skin and bones.

    starvana Jan 10 '10, 2:20PM
  • im neutral lol, i kno what that is,, guess its oryt lol

    Rim Nov 17 '09, 2:28PM
  • when i said wat something, i meant eat sorry

    orangesmoothie Apr 12 '09, 12:58PM
  • i agree with the creator of this quiz. you know if your fat or not. bam. simple as that. its really not that hard. its a computer!!! it cannot see all depends on the person.

    me: cheerleader. kinda thick but not fat. huge chest so kinda hard to lose weight. i eat unhealthy fatty foods ALL THE TIME.

    i know what im getting into, so so do you. if you think your fat stop eating, put down the fork and go to the gym, i do.

    if you think your too skinny. yay! but if you dont like it, wat something!!!!!!

    and if you fine, why care!!!
    its really not that HARD

    orangesmoothie Apr 12 '09, 12:57PM

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