Are you a fan of Uberstrike

There are many genius people that take this quiz, but the question is are you one of those guys? Take this quiz to prove you're not a sissy in Uberstrike.

Are you a genius? Did you ever wonder how genius you are on Uberstrike,no problemo. Now you will know how good you are playing Uberstrike while you spend hours sitting there playing the game. Play now to find out!

Created by: TomoyaCafe

  1. What is the first weapon you get when you play uberstrike.
  2. What kind of sniper leaves a hot blue trail when it blows
  3. What machinegun looks like a minigun
  4. What meelee weapon has a dicount of 85%
  5. What was the old name of Uberstrike
  6. What shotgun is on sale on Uberstrike
  7. What is the color of the newbie hair
  8. What splatter gun is the fastest shooter
  9. At level 4 what type of gun can be unlocked
  10. In training,what character will you be practicing on

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Uberstrike