How Well You Know About Ben 10?

Many smart people learned more about watching Ben 10. Some people couldn't watch from the TV but just collected data from the computer. A few of these people may know all about Ben 10 WITHOUT getting information from the computer. Can you prove you are one of those people?

Are YOU a TV show Ben 10 maniac? Are you're friends saying that you're liking Ben 10 too much? You wanna prove them you know 100% about Ben 10? Thanks to this quiz, you can! Find out if you're a total genius in Ben 10.

Created by: Brian

  1. What was the FIRST alien Ben transformed into?
  2. Who is Ben's main villian in the first TV show?
  3. Which alien could rechannel energy in Ben 10: Alien Force?
  4. Which alien is made out of fire?
  5. Who was the main character in Ben 10?
  6. Is the 3rd Ben 10 TV show named Ben 10: Super Alien or Ben 10: Ultimate Alien?
  7. When did the 1st Ben 10 TV show air?
  8. In what episode of Ben 10: Alien Force did Ragnarok first appeared?
  9. What was the STRONGEST alien in the whole untire galaxy?
  10. Which alien is a tiger-like alien?
  11. When will the episode, "The Final Battle" air?

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