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  • You are a true dreamer!

    You just got it right!!! You dream about the future, you dream about love and you have the most uncomum dreams in the world!! You are such a dreamer that, sometimes, you are to Distracted... Be carefull, but, besides that, you are just perct when it comes to dreaming!

  • True Dreamer. I had a dream where I was at the zoo and a porcupine thing killed everybody. In another one my old friend was a demon thing and killed everybody in the house.

  • Guys, thank you all for the nice comments!! thanks to you, this quiz is in number 96 of the top Quizzes!! It means a lot to me, thanks!!!!

    Don't forget to take my others Quiz to!!

  • true dreamer that's right i do dream about love and awesome things and stuff that's just out of this world!

  • Definatly a true dreamer. Good quiz.

  • True Dreamer
    1000000000 000000000000000% CORRECT!
    Though DayDreaming is my PASSION!

    Wooden Bridge

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