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  • I got ghost and demon both 86% so what am I? But awesome quiz. 10 Stars

    DeathStar321 Jan 7 '13, 1:59AM
  • demon, should have seen that coming. well, cool quiz, make another, but add "are u awsomeness? not jking, kk... bored, in school. hate school!!!!!!!! get me outa here!!!!! crazy ppls R ALL OVER!!!!!!! pls!!!! sos!!!!!
    rock on!!! =P
    (grumbles 'bout school.)

    rock chick xP Sep 13 '11, 4:02PM
  • I got Fairy. "Fight the faries!!" -Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

    Actress97 Sep 11 '11, 10:48PM
  • Demon... Wooooo..

    Loony Luna Sep 11 '11, 7:02AM
  • Cool I got fairy.

    Crazy and quiet Sep 10 '11, 7:18PM
  • Fairy

    Prissy Sep 10 '11, 3:33PM
  • You are a fairy! you love to fly around and be active you love running around and sometimes you are very bored but you can find something too do!! if you dident get a high score then retake the quiz!! hope you like it!

    Lol if you didnt get a high score? its a multi result quiz lmfao. 10/10 tho
    p.s. loved the piccie

    sammierox1997 Sep 10 '11, 1:58PM

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