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  • Your Result: Greek Demigod 86%

    Congratulations! You're probably an unclaimed Greek demigod! We'll be expecting you at Camp Half Blood any day soon.

    While you'll have the company of Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, Thalia and other great demigods your life may become a lot more dangerous soon... Maybe it's time to start some fencing lessons?

    You're probably strong and independent, although that doesn't mean that you can't work in a team if necessary. However, you might also be overly self-confident.

    61% Roman Demigod
    42% Other
    31% Legacy
    18% Mortal

  • Are You a Demigod?
    Your Result: Other 91%

    You're an enigma - maybe you're a clear sighted Mortal, or even a Norse demigod or an Egyptian magician.

    We don't think you're a Greek or Roman demigod but you're definitely aware of all of the strange things that go on, and maybe a part of a whole other world (are you sure you're not a monster ;) ?)

    You're very fortunate - you get to be a part of an amazing secret world if you want to, but you're also safe from attack from the Greek or Roman monsters... Probably.

    88% Greek Demigod
    72% Mortal
    71% Roman Demigod
    65% Legacy
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  • Other,I am honestly fine with whatever I really don't mind much but if I had to chose I'd say anything to do with the Egyptian times or Greek mythology is good with me. Cool quiz mate.

  • Legacy, OH YEAH! Legacy of Apollo (on my mom's side) and Athena (my dad's side probs). WHOOP WHOOP

  • I got Greek Demigod even though I have both my parents... Are you sure you're right?

    • Just a side comment, just because you know your "parents" doesn't mean they both are your real parents

  • Roman Demigod... I'm half greek tho.

    Nagisa Shiota

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