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  • Can see through the most,that would be cool to be able to actually do. Being able to see the afterlife and spirits whenever you please and even have good relationships with them. Cool quiz mate.

  • lol i think i have a tough of ADHD but no dyslexia. but in the romans they dont have to be! I think there is a strong mist around my bus driver... he's starting to weird me out. he says good morning to everybody else but when i walk by he just WATCHES ME 0_0

  • im adhd and dislexic and im 10 and everyone says i talk to much,im waaaay to hyper,and im a nutcase,i used to get mad and now people call me it i laugh,they laugh,and i go on with my day,trust me,u DONT get speacle treatment when u have disablitys.they make me uniciqe,1-of-a-kind ,and stronger :)

  • I can see through the Mist! gods in disguise, I know who you are!


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